The Trojan horse for the human race and its weak spot

The Trojan horse for the human race and its weak spot

With the Trojan horse I mean a hidden function, that keeps the human potential in a bubble. A disguise that blocks the warm heart within us.

In the current world full of war, destruction, hunger, death and unfair trade it seems impossible not to want (nor get for that matter) this in our life. It also seems obvious that in our attempt to avoid this, we want to concur the other. In our desire to make change we simply do not want a specific thing in our life anymore. We want to beat it in order to create something new, something different.
This thought, this push to concur the current situation of distress, war and such however keeps the human potential in a program, in a bubble.

Feelings of fear or insecurity, how understandable or real, as well as thoughts like ‘I do not want this (in my life)’ trigger our mind.
These keep us focused on matters of the mind and therefor open to manipulation or recreation by mind control. Besides this evokes an apocalyptical idea in us, that puts us (unconsciously) in the survival mode in order to avoid oppression. This ‘power play’ is the hidden function I am pointing out. It calls for vigilance.

When the heart smiles

This specific game of manipulation can be solved by surrendering to unfearlessness.

This entails letting go thoughts like ‘I do not want this (in my life)’, trust a soft landing and thus surrendering to being unfearful. Than the layers of power such as mental will or fear are put behind in the ‘power play’. They are being transformed to soft power. This also makes you letting go the desire to concur something or another.

For the frequency of the heart is strong. It empowers you to surrender to being fearless and dissolve the perseverance of the ‘power play’. This play then is included in the infinite possibilities of love rather than it only takes place in the limited vision of the mind.

To put it short

Do not be tempted to the manipulation by apocalyptical formulation(s) that the chaos in the world evokes within you. As within this lies the hidden trigger function that creates a new illusion of false security and false defeat. It keeps us in a lower vibration. In fact it is a (big) disguise that blocks the road of compassion and our warm heart.

Know the heart (frequency field) is strong. Its wisdom shows what the head can not oversee nor holds possible. Know the smile of our heart soften ups and dissolves the ‘power play’.

One will only overcome this game of apocalyptical visioning by being aware of it and by choosing to surrender to unfearlessness. Over and over again ♡

This I conclude following my trip to Salisbury regarding the crop circle that was placed there August 12 2016 and my experience with its deeper under laying codes. Also see the travel report ‘many carry light‘.

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