Energy Update (Eire 2019)

Energy Update (Eire 2019)

◊ Hope for Peace

A next step in making physical the new light perspective
upon request of many original Elders – earthly and galactic – this message /energy update in three parts as it contains a lot of info (June 2019).

The call for taking ownership of choices is becoming more and more explicitly. This also shows on the international scene. Based on taken decisions it becomes clearer and clearer where each one stands within the whole and how he or she relates to it. It is getting more intrusive to take and face responsibility in a noticeable and perceptible way.

On the other hand it becomes easier to answer the call of the heart and the desires to harmony and more solidarity. It has been a journey itself to get this call through in earthly matters and beyond. As it will be to include it in our daily existence and to raise a joyfull togetherness.

This longing, this sigh of relief, was perceived clearly on our journey in Eire (end of May 2019). And it now found resonance on more physical layers. The theme : ‘new power sources’.

PART I, The Base

The road Marieke, who lives with her family in Inchigeelagh, and I followed the last week of May in Eire was purely and alone based on our inner compass. We literally could not find the way via Google-maps or the regular map. We had to put our trust in the moment and our sense of direction on the spot.

In other words, “follow the call without a road map and find your way and its unfolding through the INNER COMPASS as direction indicator”. Within this awareness lies the unfoldment of making the joint earthly destination physical. As such the inner compass is the touchstone for truth finding when following your destination. As well as an important power source to rely on.

Another power source is the NATURAL STATE OF BEING, a presence state within the moment.

The earthly finds it difficult to find this pure state of being and to stay within the moment. We face a lot distraction and there is much interference and struggle on what it is supposed to be or not. On top of the many projections there are on it.
Besides during the dual experience the connection to the source energy got lost. Pure dual dynamics got pulled out of perspective in due time as well caused by conscious and unintentional manipulation and projections in projections.
For many, it appears persistent to break through these patterns.

Therefore it is a journey on itself to regain the pure inner strength and learn to address this strength from ancient wisdom connections. For the life force of the own significance to flow again from the power of being whole and one.

For humans, the base for this lies in the pelvis area.
It is carried by self respect, self love and a sens of being safe.
All three are anchored in masculine and femine principle and the inner  child part or godsparcle or light aspect. Together they bring forth a deeply felt respect for the own vitality = life force connection.

Also elements of chemistry – both chemical elements and elements of nature / the earth – find difficulties to regain the authenticity of their original state of being. In this state source consciousness is present; or in other words the pure source power or essence-qualities. It is also the state from which new connections can be created for new life(forms) on and around the earth.

All of this makes it hard for physical-essence level to return to the original source of a joyfull togetherness on earth.

PART II, The Lowering

The Sunday before my departure to Dublin, I felt how the basis for shared respect for each other’s power centre is firmly enough. There is sufficient carryfull support on all sorts of levels and layers to rely on this. 

IN OTHER TERMS, there is sufficient foundation for lowering and intensification
of making source consciousness physical on earth ²). The desire for this was the base for the call we followed again and again during our trip and that found its resonance.

This, as it appeared, required an uproot of a dual principle first, a cough up for equal partitions. For the earthly to come home in its own wholeness as well as in the remembrance of one mutuality. And the cosmic to come home in the authenticity of a joyfull togetherness.

Its root cause lied in the story lines
of the Lord and Mistress Race and their agenda for the earth. Otherwise
known by some as the Sutum en Amasutum and by others referred to as the Aldebarans.
In any case the heart of the matters to straighten things is about
acknowledgment of equality of both parts. In order to create room at the deepest level for new choices on the way home and the way towards the joint cosmic destination.

Another break through concerned the choice for the logic of the practical / the ratio or the logic of the intuitive / the inspiration. From conscious respect for both qualities. This was very visible and perceptible when literally following the road in Eire.

It set in motion new connections between both movements. Leading to NEW DYNAMICS that resonate from wholeness and harmony in stead from division and struggle. These dynamics contain both rest / stagnation and movement and alternately mobility and stability.

Religions and churches on earth can also settle for this movement at the heart
and can come home in the unity (of itself). So I felt and got back.
Moreover during a natural being sound meeting on November 18 2018, we already got back that religions are able to meet one another in harmony.

Each day it was the call of nature and its beings that brought us to our destinations. This call turned out to possess a longing for ‘a sigh of relief’and a lowering in original connections for a revitalised breathing.

The first day, it were the ocean, the wale and water beings that called
to find resonance in this longing. For their resonance and communication to come through easier on land. I felt this getting through very clearly the last day in Eire, and I still feel it.

The second day, it were the Earth, Water, Air and Wind elements
that wanted to be heard in their longing for cleansing and lowering in the authenticity of their original state of being. For them to function again from their original pure strength. And to contribute from this state to the everlasting dynamics of giving, receiving and passing through; in stead of from fractionatedness and solitary.

The thrid day nature itself –  lakes, waterfalls, mountains, forests – wanted to lower in their original energy. In the natural flow of giving-receiving-passing through in connection to the surroundings and the whole it is patr of. It was special to feel the energy of Eire sighing.


The final power source that came up, was CONSCIOUS PHYSICALITY OF THE – WHOLE – SELF. To be indicated as conscious presence awareness in ones physical centre in contact with one-self. Mastery of this is shaped by lowering physically in ones Sacredness, by connectedness to ones unique Holy Fire and by revitalising ones complete being / humanity.

The potential for renewing and enlightening the earthly matters certainly lies within integration of this uniqueness. Whilst from the light perspective in which all can be present as equal parts – NEW LIGHT PERSPECTIVE –  this potential is able to develop vast and limitless. 

The doorway to the New Earth Men is within this spectrum.
Evolvement towards this will bring the earthly into activity within the cosmic principles from natural beingness. With the element Fire, the passion, the love as director.

So it was the Fire of serenity and glow (beauty) that brought us towards physically sensing the cosmic heartbeat in the heart. And thereafter feeling inside flow for comic beingness = the state of being for movement/creation in tune with the cosmic principles. This however, in light of the above mentioned, for now comes through in fits and starts. 

I felt so much ancient wisdom in the country-sides on many places. Not deep-set but surfacial. A stone circle nearby Dunmanway passed on to me that the ‘Menhir’ wisdom carries the old Gaelic for transfer of information and means of communication.

Each time you commemorate such wisdom – that lies within the originality of the earth and its nature – and each time you reflect on this, you acknowledge it. There is base in this recognition for rediscovery of pure (inner) strength and for further making source consciousness physical in earthly matters ²). Individually and collectively.

²) SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS is aware of being connected to the source,
the origin of its/ones own essence. It respects the sacredness of this and acknowledges the remembrance of being one and whole. It is the basis for the return of oneness of heaven and earth in earthly matters.

It is something an Irish woman told me in a spontaneous conversation with me. I still feel how much this addresses and touches. How much hope and compassion these words echo. How much potential it has.

If there is one thing the ELDERS of different original tribes and collectives would like to echo within this update, it is this remembrance. The reminder to a shared promise of being whole and one. The recollection of the save bedding for a joyfull togetherness; and taking responsability for this potential.

We are on our way ?

WITH THANKS to each and every one contributing consciously or unconsciously to this evolvement. And particularly to Marieke, Ingrid and Nathalie who have dedicated themselves with conscious physicality to materialise several aspects of source consciousness these last weeks .


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