We are but merely part of evolution, Scotland 2023

We are but merely part of evolution, Scotland 2023

◊ Hope for Peace

This trip was somewhat different than the previous 8 journeys, as celebrating life was an important part and clearly wanted to be lived and experienced. However, it so happened that with without planning each time exactly happened where we were meant to be. I am deeply grateful that I could make this journey. Together with two bon vivants.

It is written in the stars‘ I feel this is an important thread for this year. The trip to Scotland also appeared to be carried in this very bedding. One of its symbolic meanings even happened ‘literally’ when I saw light codes light up in the starry celestial arch [the ceiling] of Rosslyn Chapel.

We are but merely part of evolution Early this year, I received this clear message from Tribes/Energies of old. It was the prelude to the journey. Its wisdom realization echoes deeply felt respect for the Sacred Grounds of the Life-Giving, so I feel. The attitude related with this acknowledges as sacred that what gives life, that which is essential creation force and carries within the spirited. Joy of Life born out of Love then is a celebration of life that stems from respect for the sacredness of life-giving. More information on the concerning Grail Consciousness from Wholeness to follow.

One of the Sacred Grounds / Foundations concerns respect for one’s own power and that of others, that is each and every one’s autonomy. In order to continue to tap into pure life force and ancient connections of wisdom within yourself, setting boundaries is necessary, for now. This setting of boundaries is carried by self-love, self-respect and a sense of being safe, see Eire Travel May 2019. I have been working on this among other things since then, on many levels including at work.

The boundary setting received a loving conclusion in Rosslyn Chapel. Together with the grail bearers a Sacred Space setting took place [I experience the grail bearers as those who guard and carry (within) the essence of the grail consciousness. The grail bearers are represented, among other things, by the archetypes as known in the many grail stories and their bloodline [called sang-real by some] which for me metaphorically represent the purity guarding of their message.]. During the Sacred Space setting, light was once again shone on the persistent habits of influence and manipulation that trample the respect for the natural state of being and its Sacred Grounds. Finally, to illuminate ancient old sacred codes; I saw light codes lighting up in the celestial arch of the chapel and in my own space.

Wisdom and knowledge from the past (pre-duality) reviving and evolving into new creations. Ancient energies, long forgotten memories, ancient old codes and heartfelt connections; how noticable they were in Scotland. What a fine reunion and joyful feeling. To name a few:

  • Tree Talks, primal tree memories and old earth energy
  • The old earth grid, deep connections, ancient timelines and primordial earth layers
  • Mountain Talks, mountains and their essence, nature beings and mountain spirits
  • The Lady of the Lake and the misty water spirits
  • The resonance of mythical realms and fairy & elves realm beings
  • The white rose laying as the source formation of renewed vitality and joy of life;
    it was a ‘coincidence’ that we also passed by the Center of Scotland.

Like the line patterns of the Tartan, I have seen the lines, layers and clans of the Scottish lands come together. So did the water, the land and their misty elements. Where past and present come together in purity without ballast and distortion a resonance for new finds itself. Carried, Grounded, Driven and Anchored from (self) love ¹.

Such was the journey, the dance of revitalizing the operating systems for autonomy. With thanks to everyone who consciously or unconsciously contributes to this movement.


¹ The degree to which self-love occurs in connection with the heart is part of the heart frequency, it is a heart frequent. Its mastery is essential for ‘kryst(al)’ consciousness

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