The recollection of the starseed perspective (July 2017)

The recollection of the starseed perspective (July 2017)

Based on the universal heartbeat. Tuned and shaped from sounds of love by the Arcturians for the intergalactic tone of connection. A tone that reminds us on the starseed connection. And that interconnects with the stargate or galactic interstellar perspective that is spacial and can be experienced only from inner sense or sensibility.

For sure it has been a magical moment on the 6th of July 2017, my dear Arcturians and co-inhabitents of the universe. And so it is again. Thank you all for having come this far. Thanking this time has come!

In light of the carryfull support for the grandness of each of us <3

For the cropcircle, see the circle reported July 18th, 2017.

Also see the update on the ‘expansion of consciousness potential‘ of July 19 2016.

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