How to actually sow seeds of love, and expand the horizon of possibilities?

How to actually sow seeds of love, and expand the horizon of possibilities?

Where to begin? The world truly is in need of Y♥U!

As the power of the heart connects, harmonizes and bridges towards positivity, inner felt harmony and a (fuller) sense of oneness, it can truly lead us to a major shift in awareness.

To make this shift, the world needs each one of us to step up and rise above our own little islands. It needs us to transcend our desires of labeling things in right and wrong. To rise above prejudices, differences, and the impossibility of things. And open our hearts.

The world is in need of these examples. It needs us to explore the true power of the heart, and to consciously sow seeds of love and hope. To step through fear, let go shields of (self)protection, and make the unlikely and unexpected possible. For others to follow. As our hearts deeply long for this movement.

The more one is present in the heart, the easier we can achieve this.

How to blossom the heart?

Through connectedness from the heart we can grow to view life with less negativity, judgment and more compassion.
The smile of the heart softens the power play of ongoing thoughts and rationality of the mind. Its open heartedness enables us to see beyond troubles, uncertainty of things, rejections and feelings of separation. Bringing more – inner felt – harmony.

  1. Open up to heart-touching moments and dare to make heartfelt choices.
  2. Involve the heart more often in (inner) conversations and decision-making.
  3. Let go of any judgements, labels and stories we generally give soft skills and sensitivity.
  4. Give the heart attention as if it was a bud that is about to open, blossom and become a beautiful flower, a seed needing water and nourishment to grow into a strong plant or a child wanting to feel safe, secure and explore the world.
  5. Use the power of imagination and smile more often. Since both bridge what the mind holds impossible and cannot see. And both soften us in putting ourselves in the shoes of other persons and reaching out.

How to let go of mixed feelings of good, bad and ugly?

The heart is capable of building bridges. Unlike the head that differentiates, has a straight way of thinking and interpreting and rationally separates one from the other, good from bad, possible from impossible and so on.
Through its warmth and empathy, the heart is able to transcend prejudices and desires of labeling things in right and wrong. It connects polarities of duality, harmonizes their aspects and embraces them.  Bringing a (fuller) sense of oneness and completeness.

  1. Let go the inner conversations of the mind, its need to know everything and its desire to label things – emotions, thoughts, experiences, feelings, actions – in right and wrong.
  2. Realize that, due to this labelling, we also tend to avoid experiences, emotions and feelings, and struggle with them.
  3. Face the inner world and experiences open heartedly, and let all in. Allow all to be present as it is. This way embracing the judgments one tends to give oneself and others, or receives.
  4. Smile more often from the heart. It eases feelings of worry and dissolves negative thinking patterns, developed fear, disbeliefs or doubts.
  5. Look for similarities with others instead of seeing differences or not interacting due to prejudices.

How to rise above the worry of not surviving when making a living?

Depending on money to make a living at some point when following our heart in our (work)life, the context of the financial system is about to trigger a certain surviving mechanism.
We empower ourselves in rising above this, when breaking through the standards and developed limited convictions the trigger mechanism addresses. Enabling us to stay centered more firmly.

  1. Realize it’s up to us whether we identify ourselves with patterns of self-protecting and self-preservation and with fear of not surviving or making a living at all, or not.
  2. Address and acknowledge that although we have thoughts, emotions, negative sentiments and feelings of fear, we are not these.
  3. Bring these thoughts and feelings at ease by giving them the warm embrace of the heart, its compassion, love and transcending wisdom.
  4. It is easier to surrender to trust rather than worry, when breaking through these patterns.

Dare to dream. Dare to outgrow yourself and expand the horizon of possibilities.
Only than we seed for the miracle the power of the heart entails in all its warmth and greatness.

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