Money Flow in Abundance, how to rise above the tension of money?

Money Flow in Abundance, how to rise above the tension of money?

Our relation with money is intense. Many of us feel tension around money in some way since we depend on money for our lives. It has become a necessity in order to survive and make a living. This need for money often prevents us from truly following our heart in our (work)life. Question is how can we rise above this tension around money, or the lack of it?

Contemplation for change

Each one of us has a different relationship with money. Some have plenty, others struggle, others find it hard to receive, have a hard time giving or live in fear there is not enough. Money, however, is just energy. One of its important aptitudes is that it flows freely.

Our existence adversely depends on a financial system that makes a profit by controlling the free flow of money. It functions on shortcoming and gains from the flow of money via debts, interest, and investments.

Managed by controllability and regulation, it’s taken by rational and conditional thinking in which numbers and profitability set the benchmark. It is unlikely for such a system to back up anything else. It goes against its nature.

Imagine how this system feels

Let us put ourselves in the shoes of the system as if it was a human being. Imagine how control and regulation determine its existence and performance. How it truly beliefs in this design. In its desire to do a good job, it is set to live up to the defined standards and fixed parameters.

At the same time it feels a kind of interdependency with this context that also limits its free mobility. As if it’s trapped and identifies with its limitations, unaware of this – harsh – reality. With this it develops a survival mode and firmly holds on to its pattern of (self)protecting and self-preservation.

It may feel lost. But as it runs into the standards and its developed limited convictions, it also runs into its identification with these and all tension and stress that go along with this. It resigns itself in the situation. We come to realize that, in its will to survive it can never ever imagine the possibility of money flowing freely in and out, in abundance without conditions.

Giving back its self-esteem

When empathizing with this outline and opening up our hearts, we feel for it. We see how somewhere the spirit of the financial system lost track of its reason for being. Our heart goes out for it. We then can imagine how it longs for a warm embrace or the feeling of being alive and acknowledged, let alone loved. We can sympathize with this. As well as with its desire to do good.

We can relate to a certain wish to be valued for serving the whole. More than for being used as a mean to divide and control and tool to survive, to obtain or secure material goals, freedom or power. To realize this, it has to be reminded to fulfill its meaning from connection rather than segregation.

We recognize how the feeling of being blessed empowers the spirit of money with the ability to see its own full potential and value. To regain ‘both its self-esteem ànd added value’ and regard itself as being whole and part of abundance rather than shortcoming.

Money flow in abundance

So, may it feel blessed again! Let us even bless money for it to flow abundantly. For it to shine again from – a place of – wholeness and bring magic into our lives. May it, with this, serve the existence of humanity and its wellbeing passionately and freely without any strings attached.

With this exact intention intuitive dot-artist Tessa Smits started painting Money Flow in Abundance autumn 2016 – the collection of her Money Flow paintings is about inviting money to flow into our life,

While working on this painting Tessa felt a combination of masculine and feminine working together. When painting around the coins in the painting, she felt like feminine energy embraced the money with all her love, wisdom and magic. There was so much love in painting those coins, making them shine again.

Rising above the tension of money

Let’s do the same in our effort to rise above the tension of money. Let us also keep in mind the context of the financial system and how this triggers a certain surviving mechanism. By acknowledging this we enable ourselves to break through the standards and developed limited convictions that the trigger mechanism addresses.

This way we bring at ease the fear of not surviving or making a living at all. We rise above it, and accordingly stay centered more firmly. We accomplish this by embracing it and giving it our compassion, love and transcending wisdom.

This also contributes to realizing we’re not what we identify with. We have thoughts and emotions, but we’re not these. WE define whether we let ourselves tangled up in them. The same goes for negative sentiments like fear. Liberating ourselves from this pattern makes it easier to surrender to trust rather than worry, agitation or fear about how we will ever manage or how things will be okay.

May this empower us when following our hearts and encourage us on our journey towards a living in harmony, happiness and abundance.

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This article was published on OMTimes on September 2 2017

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