How your alignment contributes to a new jointness

How your alignment contributes to a new jointness

The shift towards a new harmony and new world and the dismantle of the old (dual oriented) power-structures is built on individual connections with the power of being whole and one. The more each of us commits to this connection, the easier the rest of the collective gets aligned to this as well.

Personal Alignment

Actually feeling connected to the power of being whole and one from within is the result of personal alignment. It starts with inner balance / balance of the inner world. This makes you experience various parts of yourself as being good enough. And it increasingly enables you to get full and conscious strength within the now.

You recognize your inner voice. You are well in touch with your inner wisdom and you feel inspired. You are consciously present, you have less (inner) doubts, you let situations or others control you less often and you are able to indicate boundaries.

This way you descend, as it were, into the center of you own power to the point you come home in your balance point. When in such inner leadership fear, negativity, insecurity, manipulation, mind-control or projection do not impact you. Such leadership enables you to follow your path clearly and autonomously.

A new Harmony

This capacity of self-leadership is shaped by an inner process of alignment of conscious connection between heart, heart and hara/gut(feeling). Through which all sorts of qualities, layers, parts, abilities, systems and worlds of yourself are aligned and integrated.

It brings you conscious connection with yourself and your complete being. Besides it ensures you make choices that are in balance and in tune with your inner wisdom and your inner inspiration – also see the article ‘how to activate your inner wisdom.

The more often you act and live from this self-leadership, the more you activate others to get strength to do so as well. For them to entrust inner wisdom, to take responsibility for it and in this way to be and life in a natural way more in harmony with themselves, each other and the planet.

The bigger picture, the whole

By doing so your personal alignment contributes to that of the whole of the collective. The larger the amount that is aware of this and acts accordingly, the better the collective also gets its strength. And the more connections of being whole and one are able to impact earthly matters.

Personal alignment from within connects to the flow of life as well. This flow is in direct connection to and resonates with the universal heartbeat. A heartbeat that carries the pulse of universal principles and timings from the power of oneness and wholeness.

The more you are committed to your personal connection with this within the now, the easier and clearer all of this can find its way into earthly matters. For you and the whole. Since the degree of being connected on a personal level works through on micro to meso level = on a bigger scale. And from this to macro level = an even bigger scale. And so on.


You are a connective element that actively contributes to the release fo a new harmony and synergy.

This starts with taking good care of yourself and your inner balance. As this secures feeling entrusted with your complete being from self-love and self-respect. It furthermore strengthens your autonomy and your inner power center. With this you take good care of the collective and the transition we are in, at the same time.

Through an inner process of alignment and integration you achieve secure and clear connection to yourself and the bigger whole. This enables a solid personal connection with being whole and one in such a way you do not lose yourself in the/some other.

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