Hope for Peace

Hope for Peace

Activating hope for peace from a sense of being whole and one is in particular built on making peace wholeheartedly, with our past of experienced dualism and twofold way of thinking and behavior patterns.

Such reconciliation will bring back the recollection of an ancient old – universal – promise of wholeness and unity for earth and beyond. It is this inner re-collection that truly carries Hope for Peace and empowers actions from inclusiveness.

Hope for Peace thus is also a movement

An intrinsic moving that once able to work through in its completeness ensures that what resonates inside can truly happen outside. This way slowly becoming a collective move towards peace.

Below (see tabs) you find more info on what Hope for Peace entails. As well as reports and impressions of several journeys of reconciliation across the world that support the collective re-collection for earth and beyond. With the intention to leave footprints literally and follow an energetic path of reconciliation. For Dutch go to Hoop op Vrede.

At the core of these journeys lies recovery of the subtones of several connections of unity within the cosmic. A.o. three travels in 2015 and 2016 contributed to this. Enabling ancient old cosmic wisdom to get through easier and to create ‘new’ from a purified foundation. And laying a clean base for harmony on earth from – multidimensional – connectedness with yourself, any other being, the earth, the cosmic elements and All-that-is.

Title & LinkSummary & LinkThe Tone of Harmony Cosmic Peace Process

We are but merely part of evolution – Scotland May 2023 —-> REPORT

The Hunebedden/Dolmen and Elders calling – Hunebedden NL half September 2020 —-> REPORT to follow

Energy Update – Ireland end of May 2019  —-> REPORT

Caring & Sharing – Egypt January 2019  —-> REPORT

The fire of freedom – Germany end of 2017 —-> REPORT

Many carry light – Salisbury (UK) August 2016 —-> REPORT

We are but merely part of evolution, Scotland 2023

May 2023 I went to Scotland. Its main theme concerned joy of life and Sacred Space Setting. The travel took 16 days.
Sacred Space Setting, carried, grounded, driven and anchored from (self) love. A next step in Crystal Consciousness.

The Hunebedden/Dolmen and Elders calling

Half of September 2020 I followed the Hunebedden Highway (in the Netherlands). Its main theme concerned universality and spaciousness. Twice a day visit.

Energy Update (Eire 2019)

End of May 2019 I visited Eire and my dear friend that lives in Inchigeelagh, West-Ireland. Its main theme concerned ‘revitalising new power sources‘.
The travel took 6 days, excluding the flightdays.  

Caring & Sharing (Egypt 2019)
January 2019 I visited Egypt and my dear friend that lives in Luxor formerly known as Thebe. Its main theme concerned a ‘deeper descending / lowering in cosmic moving‘.
The travel took 12 days, excluding the flightdays.  

The fire of freedom

End 2017 a trip to Germany, Europe. Its theme was about ‘setting free’ and ‘cherishing the safe bed of being whole and united’.
The travel took 11 days, by car.



Many carry light
Reason for this trip to Salesbury was the appearance of a crop circle in this region on August 12th 2016 and to bring ‘counter-pressure’. A circle with several underlying messages. Concerning amongst others (technical mind) manipulation, the game of influence and the ‘threat of being misled’ during our collective process of awakening.  

The Tone of Harmony

wants to be lived and felt within. It wants to be passed on and enforced by actions. It wants to be experienced and dance in the arms of mankind. It wants to share joy abundantly for all is allowed to be the way it is. It wants to enoy the human smile and its true essence, over and over again. Now and forever.

It is up to us, cosmic beings, to carryfull support this tone and to convey it. To feel it inside and rock peace in ourselves. To nurture it and pass it on by our actions, thinking, doing and being. So all forms stimulating separateness on earth and beyond can find their way towards connection easier.

This tone was transmitted via a light meditation in Dutch. You can experience its vibe by just following the sound of my voice, meditation ‘Toon van Harmonie’. It carries you to the energy field and network of – cosmic – interconnectedness and its power of harmony and unification.

The Tone of Harmony brings back a recollection of a promise of being whole and connected. It holds an ancient old call for unification and harmony.

This call, this tone for harmony, was re-covered June 6 2016 and was consolidated during the light meditation on Earth & Beyond Beurs (June 11 2016 in the Netherlands, Europe).

The Tone of Harmony is also relatated to a cosmic peace process.

This process is linked to the ‘Convenant of the Equality of all Beings and their civilizations/habitats’ that also concerns other starsystems or universes to come to a mutual unity for the Universe and all its inhabitants.

September 2015 this Convenant was reinvigorated. Leading to revitalisation of connection of oneness for the Universe and its inhabitants. The sub-tone of this connection of oneness was re-established on February 2016.