The fire of freedom

The fire of freedom

Hope for Peace

Stripped of money, material things, ego, twofold thinking in inequality, I have nothing to give but the joy of my presence, the core of my being and essence of my true light.
Do I dare reconcile with this? Can I resign myself to this? And acknowledge the safe bed of unity and wholeness underneath my existence? Do I allow myself to choose for this? And live accordingly? 

Am I willing to surrender to the fact that this is adequate for the new earthily existence from harmony, love and unity?

This is the invitation I felt following my journey of reconciliation towards Germany. The intention of this travel was to – literally – leave footprints and follow an energetic path of reconciliation, on many levels and layers. Related to making peace with the memory imprint of the past, of victimization and perpetrating and to relief of the pain of the recollection, the ‘yad vashem’. Caused by WW2 and the period of Atlantis.

Besides it was about setting free a perspective and experience of freedom. One that is free of any form of – feelings or questions – of guilt, charge, burden and/or pain of the stigma of being different (than the set standards). It also concerned a setting free of ‘the free will as a basis for one’s own autonomy, ‘true freedom’ and safe home on earth’.

The fire of being joyfulness

It was at the location where the further implementation of the racial laws during WW2 – of depriving equal civil rights and persecuting and excluding (ethnic) populations – was initiated and also ended, I invited these laws whether they were willing to join into wholeness and oneness. After having experienced a Yes, my travelling companion and I sent them loving attention and light. Until we experienced the return of joy in this spot that brought so much suffering and heaviness into the world and has held onto this burden ever since.

The feeling of joy was validated later on by a lid and empowerment of bon-fire, or flame of freedom, the fire-flame of oneness and being whole. We perceived this by actively feeding the receipt and forwarding of this flame to infinity. Both within the collective (of humanity) and the harmonic whole of our own physical power layers – of the head, heart, hara or belly center, the will(power), feet and hands.

The fire of being spirited

Besides the essence of primary Germanic tribes – of Northern European origin – , their geographical directions, (mythical) wisdoms and languages, from their own free will, wanted to be included again as one within the collective whole of humanity. Together with their totem animals. We experienced this inclusion by an inflow within the collective and a contribution to the receipt and passing through of the flame.

The ancestry of these primary Germanic tribes lies within an old original tribe within the collective field of consciousness of mankind, the Northmen. In ancient (pre-)history located in the northern hemisphere with a spirited consciousness and grounded awareness that all possesses an essence, a spirit, light-core or divine spark. Each being, men, animals, others beings, plants, stones, minerals etcetera.

The fire of a safe home

Besides the Hanseatic German cities and grail cities fulfill a role as a basis for a safe and free home. In order to be again a foundation and accommodation of light, love and joy. And support mankind, us, from interaction with their inhabitants during our current transformation and road to the new age, of harmony, love and unity.

We sent these cities love for light as well as compassion and understanding for their grief and all their fallen/casualties, then and now. Until we received back ‘the memory of the past has dissolved for it to be whole again within the now’ – interpret dissolved as able to be present without any distortion, burden or (value) judgement.

The fire of cherishing

Furthermore the trip was about lighting the inner fire of the Masculine and Feminine. From a deep reconciliation with the sustained disruption of their natural unity and the core of each victimization and violation of this. From reflection and forgiving both roles without imposing conditions, making assumptions, judging or setting perspectives of guilt.

We have experienced this process inside ourselves from the fire of the hara/belly center, the fire of resolute action and the fire of the heart. A process in jointness. Enabling both parts, both aspects, elements and principles to move on in connection and harmony, and to empower this – also see the article on empowering the divine feminine.

Throughout the process we perceived the appearance of the core of the fire with both the Masculine and the Feminine. Followed by a joint core. Also after the trip several people felt and experienced the renewed harmony in connection, within themselves and in their relationship.

In a way the journey was about recovering and reconciling the connection of several pieces linked to the Source and their basic tone. For these to feel/find themselves being cherished again in and from the safe bed of unity and being whole.

Dance of freedom

My journey began May 2012 with a closure and dance of freedom :

I am the result of Jewish blood for centuries and many generations,
undeniably tied to persecution and mysticism, hate and admiration, vilification and applaud.
I am deeply rooted pain and a source of joy, and
have indissociably identified with victimization and perpetration.
When will I stop being a victim?

To address that :
blinded by pain, I could not see I am both victim and perpetrator;
torn apart by hurt, I was unable to feel this ambiguity;
paralyzed by anguish, I got stuck in a struggle.

I thank the experience, the insight.
I bow for the past, and choose the path of dance and joy.
May be reborn, the dance of joy, in the hearts of men. (May 5th 2012 ©Yael)

The path of this desire unfolded the years after until now. After the trip to Germany I felt an invitation to make peace with the question whether I can make peace with the fact that literally ripped from money and material things, free from the limited will of the ego and twofold way of thinking in inequality, I have nothing to give but my true light. And that only this matters for my earthily existence. Although this seems unsustainable for now due to our currently conditionally organized society and co-existence. Wholeheartedly I say Yes. May be reborn this dance of life of being joy.

Remember my true light, for it to shine forever and bring joy.
Recollect my true light, the one tone connecting all. Integrate its truthfulness
november 20, 2017

With special thanks and gratitude to :
– Ada for making this trip possible practically
– Ingrid for our joint and intensive preparation
– the given carry-full longdistance support by Ingrid, Marieke, Nathalie and Marlies
– all contributed, (un)consciously, to where we stand on our path towards a new age for planet earth and beyond.

 ◊ Hope for Peace

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