The Divine Feminine and the return of Sacred Wisdom of Creation

The Divine Feminine and the return of Sacred Wisdom of Creation

The patriarchal traditions symbolize the archetype of Lilith – that symbolizes sensual desire and fury – as something to be tamed. However her archetype shows us several keys for harmonizing the imbalance between the masculine and feminine. And for freeing ourselves from repressed or unconscious inner feminine parts.

When each one of us takes responsibility for this re-balancing process, we empower the feminine. We set her pure power of creation free, both in ourselves and collectively. This way the feminine (in us) can fully step into her part of divine co-creation with the masculine and fulfill her true role on the path of living in harmony.

The Shadow and the Struggle of the feminine

The including four articles on Lilith (please see below for the links) capture how the once harmonic unity of masculine and feminine continued in disbalance during the rise of the masculine-oriented system. The masculine focus on form and its tangibility put the own-form, the own race, color and the individual identification above the others. This subjected brothers, men and women to a great divide for centuries to come.

It also led to inner wandering and to constraint of the experience of freedom. As the own-form and appearance – the outer – was put first, all perceived to be tangible and visible oppressed the non-tangible and non-visible of the inner (world) towards the background. It ‘disappeared’ and fell into the Shadow of not being conscious of it anymore, leading to inner wandering.

Furthermore the feminine struggled deeply in face of the patriarchal system. She felt it was necessary to secure her position and her experience of freedom by setting conditions. While doing so one part of the feminine retreated and the other, that Lilith represents, escaped reality and fell into Shadow.

This caused a huge inner conflict. Unable to recognize what happened the feminine stepped out of her own wholeness, both parts feeling abandoned and victimized. The inability to see what truly lies underneath the appeared distance kept the feminine in denying her own responsibility for the removal with the masculine and herSelf.

Imagine Infinite Love

By acknowledging this wounded pattern within our inner feminine (parts), we start the healing process.

We must reconnect with all feminine aspects – the good, the lesser, the sorrow and unconscious or shadow parts – and face the layers of denial and condemnation of herSelf. Then when truly opening our hearts and letting all of this in, we can make peace with it and take back the ownership where it once was lost. This is what Lilith invites us to do.

Imagine what can be possible when filling our inner wounds with infinite love.
Imagine how these floods of universal unconditional love touch us deeply and graciously,
and what then can be restored, also collectively.

This unconditional love indeed includes the unconditional love of the masculine. The feminine believed the heart of the masculine was too small to give her sufficient space. In fact, the pure core of the masculine never stopped cherishing her. His love is grand and heartening.

Accordingly it seems unavoidable that :

if the feminine will keep on setting conditions towards the masculine and his love, she herself will limit her true power of connecting. In this true power of (re)connecting lies her pure creation potential.

The return of Sacred Wisdom of Creation

This potential is set free when regaining the whole ownership of the feminine, for this also leads to reclaiming ownership of her pure potential of bearing and motherhood. It involves the Sacred Wisdom of Creation cradled in the pelvis area and includes, for example, our natural and intuitive abilities, the creative flow of inner knowing, and inspiration.

By fully reconnecting with all our feminine parts and by unconditionally opening up to the masculine, the true infinite wisdom of cradling creation is empowered and its potential set free.

Therefore it is essential to trust the love of the masculine (part in ourselves) unconditionally. And to welcome his loving carry-full support entirely and open-heartedly. This way our inner feminine can truly connect with his love and with this feed and empower his carry-full support. For him to keep on supporting her and so on.

This starts an infinite love dance of creation, in which the feminine takes full responsibility for her divine part in the co-creation allowing the masculine to do the same.

The female primal energies such as Mary, Isis, Lilith, Sarah and Hagar, Innana, Astarte/Asera, Tiamat and many others invite you to set this straight open heartedly and deep inside yourself.

This way we harmonize the aspects of divine co-creation, within yourself and collectively. Within this lies the path towards living in harmony, a new world of divine oneness.
Please join us in doing so.

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