Elohim Yael

Elohim Yael

yael1This website and its content is carry-full supported by Yael. Since she is very keen on personal contact she will certainly connect with you personally as soon as she can. Please do not hesitate to call (see below), send an email or connect via Facebook.


The Elohim essence

In these current times of awakening and earth’s rise of vibratory frequencies I am here to contribute to bringing back wholeness of division (duality), on earth and beyond.

websitemark_elohim2I do so from my essence which is Elohim. This essence carries a message of wholeness and interconnectedness. Its true nature holds space for ancient primal connections of oneness. It harmonizes the balancing of unity and empowers the experience of being one on deeper felt consciousness-levels.

My life stands in total service of this and the path of life it entails. It has been an intensive inner process to integrate what my essence is about into the awareness of my being and my life. And I still experience deepening in heart-felt comprehension of it and in making it physical.

In contact with my presence, one experiences deeper consciousness-levels and a higher sense of clarity. My presence harmonizes through my ability to align (calibrate) frequencies and vibrations – both physical and esoteric. It addresses deeper layers of interconnectedness. With this it carry-fully supports the return of a new integral light perspective – a context that is non-dualistic, inclusive and multi-dimensional.

As such my essence bridges as well towards a new unity for both the Earth and her inhabitants and other Worlds, Universes and Dimensions and their inhabitants. This involves a cosmic peace process, that is supported by the different Universal Councils there are.

For more background information on my essence and inner journey of recollection, please read the storytelling ‘The Elohim Calling‘.

Reference experiences(Financial) Support
Below some examples of how people experience contact with me and what it sets in motion.

” Whenever I am in contact with you, Yael, the inner noise fades. This enables me to reconnect on a deeper level with myself. “

” The depth of sincerity and authenticity you bring in your presence is something we do not encounter every day. “

” Each time I think of you, Yael, it supports my confidence
and helps me to reconnect with trust. “

” Your intervention really opened up a deeper level of inner connection, that makes me experience more inner peace and love again. “

 ” Thank you for such a deep and intense mediation. It made me experience how I am (in connection with) infinite possibilities indeed. “

” Your articles and their messages touch me deeply. They make me aware of a deeper knowing. “

” Once you put that arm around me, a burden fell off my shoulders. Thank you! “

“Yael changed my awareness of unity. This makes me approach things more often from wholeness. It opened up complete new possibilities and entries for me, as it made me realize how stories based on dual aspects, such as good and bad / pain / blame, prevent us from living from true unity.”

yael3a2Wish to support Yael financially or otherwise?

Support in bringing across my message is very welcome. As this will bring me more stability and carry-full support in my daily dedication and contribution to clearing the way to a new world of true oneness.

Then please contact me.

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