The doorway to the next level of presence-awareness

The doorway to the next level of presence-awareness

When individuals expand their consciousness, they come to deploy this awareness within each moment. They evolve towards becoming one with the full potential this awareness is about within the Now.

Through this expansion they inspire others and energize them. They not only raise the level of their own vibration, but also influence the level of vibration of their surroundings. Thus uplifting themselves and others,  raising conscious-awareness and increasing vibrations into a higher pitch and higher frequencies. Individually and collectively.

This way transcending earthly duality and moving towards a new jointness.

This jointness reflects a cosmic consciousness perspective. From this level of awareness of oneness mankind is able to enter a next evolution-cycle and new phase of expanding. A next level of presence-awareness (potential), which  abilities are yet to be explored.

However, they find their base in five elements. Their wisdom comprehension addresses Clarity, Mastering Meaning, Wholeness, being Pure of Heart and Infinite Possibilities. Reflecting:

the extent of a.o. lucidity, openness, authenticity and lightness in one’s being and actions. In other words the degree of transparency of one’s radiation (Clarity);

the level of internalization or embodiment of mastering meaning in several ways. Such as joy for life, the meaning of Love and the meaning of one’s (light) essence (Mastering Meaning);

understanding of the context of Wholeness of all that lives and moves within the Universe – this includes material and subtle material and their components, motions, behaviors, aspects and principles both physical, chemical, energy and spiritual and metaphysical, alchemy, luminous energy and esoteric;

frequencies and pulses of the Heart and the degree in which these echo being Pure of Heart. This also translates into the extent experiences, vibrations, information or sensitivities/emotions can be present in one’s core without complications, stress, burden or interpretations;

limitless possibilities that lie within the infinite creational potential of Light-awareness in its truest form (Infinite Possibilities).

These elements are both physical and non-material. They also relate to the five elements of nature and five cosmic elements / esoteric elements. They are to be viewed as interrelated, versatile, comprehensive and multidimensional.