the Divine Feminine

the Divine Feminine

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A serie of 5 articles on the empowerment of the feminine writen from the concept of being whole and one for OMTimes Magazine.
Of which the last and conluding article concerns:

The divine feminine and the return of sacred wisdom of creation

The patriarchal traditions symbolize the archetype of Lilith – that symbolizes sensual desire and fury – as something to be tamed. However her archetype shows us several keys for harmonizing the imbalance between the masculine and feminine. And for freeing ourselves from repressed or unconscious inner feminine parts.

When each one of us takes responsibility for this re-balancing process, we empower the feminine. We set her pure power of creation free, both in ourselves and collectively. This way the feminine (in us) can fully step into her part of divine co-creation with the masculine and fulfill her true role on the path of living in harmony. ARTICLE

The first four articles are:
1- Lilith, shadowing the Feminine dilemma
2- Making Lilith and her Shadow visible again
3- The heart of the Feminine struggle
4- Making peace with the Feminine struggle