Storytelling & Awareness

Storytelling & Awareness

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Stories and updates contributing to raising awareness and broadening consciousness on our joint and individual journey towards harmony and oneness.

Energy Update (Eire 2019)

End of May 2019 I visited Eire and my dear friend that lives in Inchigeelagh, West-Ireland. The main theme of this trip concerned ‘revitalising new power sources‘ for making source-consciousness physical.

Expansion of consciousness potential (July 19 2016 & July 30 2021)

This potential expansion provides access to more complex and deeper consciousness levels and brings additional expansion of consciousness capacities.

The recollection of the starseed perspective (July 2017)

A recollection of the starseed perspective based on the universal heartbeat, in light of the carryfull support for the grandness of each of us

Money Flow in Abundance, how to rise above the tension of money?

How can we rise above the tension around money many of us feel in some way since we depend on money for our lives? And empower ourselves towards a living in abundance?
The article is also a tale on the inner world of the financial money system for it to feel blessed again, to serve the whole in abundance and support the existence of humanity and its wellbeing passionately and freely. Without any strings attached

The Trojan horse for the human race and its weak spot

This reflection throws light onto how feelings of fear keep us in a bubble. This is perfectly understandable and a reality in these times of chaos in the world. However, this fear blocks our heart and its heartfelt consciousness

Nothing, I cherish you!

A reflection on the power of Nothing, the forgotten power that is since Nothing is essential to throw light onto impossibilities