OMTimes Magazine Articles

OMTimes Magazine Articles

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A series of articles written for the OMTimes Magazine.

How to activate your inner wisdom

When one’s head, heart and ‘will’ collaborate with the feet and belly center/area, it becomes easier to make more balanced and fine-tuned choices. As one then gets a clearer and integrated picture of one’s inner wisdom and truth.

Inner knowing, a message of hope

The miracle of hope is literally inside us, as we are the potential of making the impossible possible. Our heart is a powerful bridge builder to realize this

A journey towards heart-consciousness or connectedness from the heart

Heart-Based Centering for Improved Connection concerns exploring the true power of the heart and its awareness in our everyday lives. Enabling us to making real differences

Money Flow in Abundance, how to rise above the tension of money?

How can we rise above the tension around money many of us feel in some way since we depend on money for our lives? And empower ourselves towards a living in abundance?
The article is also a tale on the inner world of the financial money system for it to feel blessed again, to serve the whole in abundance and support the existence of humanity and its wellbeing passionately and freely. Without any strings attached

The Divine Feminine and the return of Sacred Wisdom of Creation

The last and conluding article in a series of 5 for OMTimes Magazine on the empowerment of the divine feminine. Written from the archetype of Lilith that shows us several keys for inner freedom and harmonizing the imbalance between the masculine and feminine.