◊ Hope for Peace

The trip (Jan. 2019) generated a continious remembrance of and respect for caring & sharing. Bringing forth a further descending in cosmic moving ¹).  A deeper lowering into hara consciousness ²) from heartfelt connection and awareness of the wisdom that comes with facing deeper connections. Three dimensions revealed themselves in relation to this:

  1. ‘The Gifts Of The Heart are not easily to be taken’ 
  2. Even more essential contact with your inner essence / moving in alignment with your essence
  3. When taking good care of your inner shrine ³) abundance is able to flow easier. The integration of this care, this (self)respect is fundamental. It is the true base for consciously moving from connectedness to the Origin.

Cosmic Moving (¹) is about moving in alignment with the cosmic order. From conscious awareness of the wisdom included in this order and from demonstrating respect for this by truly acting according to the awareness.
Its fundament comes from care/respect for the inner shrine, one’s own sacredness (²). Physically this base is in the hara (the belly area and center of our natural abilities). It is shaped by hara consciousness = conscious presence in the center of one’s own power center.
³) The more you come home in this natural state of being and observing, the more you are able to connect on deeper layers with the riches and dimensionalities of all cosmic elements and principles and their dynamics (including earthly matters). Such natural beingness is able to consciously move from connectedness to one’s Origin and the Source of infinite light potential. Physically this is ensured by a good heart-hara resonance that safeguards clear receptiveness (truthfulness), the head supporting both rational and non-rational, the feet anchoring the completeness of this wisdom comprehension and the hand reflecting intrisic actions.

THE TRIP enfolded within the moment. The footprints I set together with my co-traveller and dear friend (that lives in Egypt), brought us to both the East and West Bank of old Thebe (called Luxor nowadays). We showed our respect to the places we were within the moment. In silence, with dedicated attention, words, many pictures or simply no pictures and shared conscious actions. The common themes that showed were about :

  • brotherhood and sisterhood, in many shapes and forms;
  • space for the other, heartfelt and from respect for everyone’s own space; and the wisdom that lies within this; and
  • The dynamics of giving-receiving-passing on and the abundance – physical and not material – within these dynamics. In combination with – for those ready for it – trusting this cosmic balance being both sky walker and earth traveller.

IN DOING SO each time we looked for the middle, the balance. This way giving support to that being used to extract and to escape and like that feeding separateness, to consider itself as being whole. And also showing both the smile of an open heart and the necessary rigour or boundaries to that accustomed to use the movement of others for their own. Our constant check point for truth finding (our Ma’at) was complying with our own clarity and the voice of our inner wisdom.

I have felt that the labyrinth of following your path in a pure way within the cosmic moving as both sky walker and earth traveller obtained more depth. It knows many facets, moments, dimensions and spaces. It does not matter which you choose. But it matters that you are truthful to your own wisdom and integrity. The path, the movement or flow towards home is retraced by many ways. Its getting through within earthly matters now feels more solid/streamlined.

Below you find an impression of our footsteps. With special thanks to Ingrid and her heartwarming social network that provided a solid base for Caring & Sharing from sisterhood and brotherhood.


 ◊ Hope for Peace

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