How to activate your inner wisdom

How to activate your inner wisdom

When one’s head, heart and ‘will’ collaborate with the feet and belly center/area, one gets a clearer and integrated picture of one’s inner wisdom and truth. Whereby it is easier to make more balanced and fine-tuned choices. Then one can also hear the call of one’s heart clearer, without noise or disturbance. Besides it brings more life energy for a natural state of being.

How to realize this inner fine-tuning?

Power play of the mind blocking life energy

As our straight way of thinking is accustomed to direct and calculate things and keep everything in control, this ability has the upper hand. Therefore it overpowers the signals, answers and information from the other wisdom sources – that of the heart, will, feet and belly center, that is the place of our emotions and natural intuitive capabilities. Also since we tend to use our power layers separately within the current dual orientated experienced world.

Furthermore feelings of insecurity and fear, how understandable or realistic they may be, trigger our mind. Just as thoughts like ‘I don’t want this (in my life)’. It keeps us focused on matters of the mind. In our attempt to stay on top of things, we try to avoid things and push away (situations of) distress. This creates tension that blocks the life energy for inner thoughtfulness, compassion and the warmth of the heart.

The power of the smile of the heart

Adversely through relaxation and mindfulness the head is capable to bundle its strength with the other power layers and their information. Which is overall in conflict with the tension and impressions that come along with our busy lifestyles. When it’s quiet, peaceful and empty in the head, we experience clarity in thinking and consciousness. Then the abilities of the head are sharp, alert, clear, and oversee things.

In addition the smile of the heart can dissolve and see through the mind control. It is able to unite the different power layers and bridges what the head can’t see nor comprehends. It shows the way of warmth, compassion and being without judgment. This way enabling us to open up to all we experience without judgment or labelling into nice and not nice, good and bad etcetera. Which makes us aware of all essential and present in ourselves and our inner world.

The fine tuning and deepening of the power layers

This state of thoughtfulness goes beyond thinking. It comes from a deeper level of feeling, knowing and sensing. It requires lots of inner fine-tuning to pick up and learn to recognize the different signals and information one’s body displays. It also asks for alertness in order to combine all layers and use them in life as one balanced whole.

The head and its clear thinking
Its non-troubled power can only be experienced when the head does not lose itself in its own labyrinth of thoughts, impressions and other mental(creation) capabilities.

The warm heart
Its connecting and easing capabilities are blossoming when the heart is open and smiling. The more consciously connected with open heartedness the stronger its pure power works though.

The solar plexus as seat of our will(power)
The will to create and realize things can be used from more ego and material driven ambitions or more immaterial or spiritual believes that serve the higher good or cause.

The belly center for shaping our natural state of being
The less we are in our head, the better we can be connected to our body and our natural abilities. In this area our experiences, emotions and feelings are processed amongst others. Whereas in the lap the creative capabilities and intuitive knowing are cradled.

The feet for being grounded with both feet on the ground
The ground underneath the belly center and the heart contributes to clarity of thinking. While the feet take care of the fine tuning with the earthily connection and what is needed for this.

The hands acting (goal)oriented from the power of one’s wisdom.

Supportive Quenstions

Before taking action, check what your head thinks of things, what your belly area tells you, how your ego looks at it, what your heart is saying, how your emotions experience this and what your feet need.

What inner signals do you get and from which place? How do you experience them and how different are they from each other – like tension, cramp, hardening, restlessness, softening or relaxation?
Then relax and investigate what this might tell you and what lies beneath. Also check what is yours and what belongs to somebody else.

The more one balances and fine-tunes all inner wisdom(resources), the more natural the physical, cognitive, emotional, intuitive and energetic work together as one. And the more respect one gives to one’s vitality.

The more one balances and fine-tunes all inner wisdom(resources), the more natural the physical, cognitive, emotional, intuitive and energetic work together as one. And the more respect one gives to one’s vitality.

This article was published on OMTimes on January 5 2018

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