Hope for Peace

Hope for Peace

Activating hope for peace from a sense of being whole and one is in particular built on making peace wholeheartedly, with our past of experienced dualism and twofold way of thinking and behavior patterns.

Such reconciliation will bring back the recollection of an ancient old – universal – promise of wholeness and unity for earth and beyond. It is this inner re-collection that truly carries Hope for Peace and empowers actions from inclusiveness.


Several journeys of reconciliation across the world support this collective re-collection for earth and beyond. With the intention to leave footprints literally and follow an energetic path of reconciliation. Below you find the reports and impressions of these journeys, in both English and Dutch.

The fire of freedom

The first journey of reconciliation took place end of 2017 to Germany, Europe. Its theme was about ‘setting free’ and ‘cherishing the safe bed of being whole and united’. The travel took 11 days, by car. REPORT

Het vuur van vrijheid

De eerste verzoeningsreis vond eind 2017 plaats naar Duitsland. Het thema betrof ‘in vrijheid stelling’ en ‘koestering van de veilige bedding van eenheid en heel zijn’. De reis duurde 11 dagen, met de auto. VERSLAG

Another journey contributing to the path of reconciliation concernes my travel to Salisbury in August ’16

Together we stand as one, as we share the light

Reason for this trip was the appearance of a crop circle in this region on August 12th and to bring ‘counter-pressure’ . A circle with several underlying messages. Concerning amongst others (technical mind) manipulation, the game of influence and the ‘threat of being misled’ during our collective process of awakening. REPORT

De aanleiding voor deze werkreis was tegendruk te geven aan de graancirkel die 12 augustus in deze regio was geplaatst. Een cirkel met meerdere onderliggende boodschappen. Onder meer betreffende (technische mind) manipulatie, het spel van beïnvloeding, en ‘het gevaar van misleiding’ gedurende ons collectieve proces van ontwaking. VERSLAG