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Below some examples of how people experienced the contact with Yael and what it sets in motion.

” Each time I think of you, Yael, it supports my confidence
and helps me to reconnect with trust. “

” I experience Yael to be a a beaken that connects old
(the era of duality) with new (the era of oneness). Her energy helps me in experiencing things clearer.
It reminds me of my essence and how to move on (towards new). “

” Your articles and their messages touch me deeply.
They make me aware of a deeper knowing.
Which supports me in connecting with deeper levels of myself. “

” Yael gave me a transforming experience. It changed my awareness of unity and makes me approach things more often from wholeness. It opened up complete new possibilities and entries for me, as it made me realize how stories based on dual aspects, such as good and bad / pain / blame, prevent us from living from true unity. “

” The depth of sincerity and authenticity Yael brings in her presence
is something we do not encounter every day. “

” Your intervention really opened up a deeper level of inner connection,
that makes me experience more inner peace and love again. “

” Thank you for such a deep and intense mediation.
It made me experience how I am (in connection with) infinite possibilities indeed. “

 ” Once you put that arm around me, a burden fell off my shoulders.
Thank you! “