Elohim Yael

Elohim Yael

yael1Yael is very keen on personal contact, and will certainly try to make time to connect with you personally. If you want to organize a get-to-gether with her (privately or in a group), please do not hesitate to send an e-mail with your details and specific wishes. We will then get in touch with you.

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 Elohim Yael and her essence

The Elohim essence embodies the experience and awareness of unity and reminds you of this. It also awakens and empowers you on being the unique being that you are and the greatness that you contribute to this whole.

websitemark_elohim2Yael transmits this potential. In contact with her presence, one experiences a higher sense of clarity. With her essence she contributes greatly to the process of bringing back purity within the true meaning of light. This true light interconnects towards wholeness and harmony on earth, within yourself and with others. Accordingly, her presence at specific events concerning conscious reality creation is essential for the whole – i.e. at the Dutch Consciousness Convention dated September 17 & 18, 2016.

Yael’s essence can be experienced through gatherings, storytelling, articles, paintings and meditations (Journeys of Light). She writes articles for several Dutch publications (Spiegelbeeld magazine, the Dutch Online Magazine nieuwetijdskind.com) and the American online OMTimes Magazine. Intuitive artwork by amongst others Energy Artist Juul van Aken (www.kotuku-art.nl) visually supports the energy and (universal) message Yael transmits.

As the Power of Oneness comes with the experience of carry-full support, the Elohim essence as well as Yael’s message are supported by the different Universal Councils there are.

For more background information on Yael’s essence, please read her storytelling ‘de roep(ing) van de Elohim‘; the English version will follow soon.

Below some examples of how people experienced the contact with Yael and what it sets in motion.

” Each time I am in contact with you, the inner noise fades. This enables me to reconnect on a deeper level with myself. “

The depth of sincerity and authenticity Yael brings in her presence is something we do not encounter every day. “

” Your intervention really opened up a deeper level of inner connection, that makes me experience more inner peace and love again. “

 ” Thank you for such a deep and intense mediation. It made me experience how I am (in connection with) infinite possibilities indeed. “

” Once you put that arm around me, a burden fell off my shoulders. Thank you! “

Please do visit the Experience Page for more experiences.

yael3a2Wish to support Yael financially or otherwise?

Support in bringing across her message is very welcome, as this will bring Yael more (cary-full) stability in her daily dedication to her message and her contribution – both national and international – to clearing the way to a new world of true oneness.

Please then  send an email and Yael will get in touch with you.