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A variety of articles written for the American online OMTimes Magazine that contribute to awareness of compassion and unity.

When reading the articles with your heart rather than wanting to interpret it with your mind, your field of perception is widened and it is easier to let the whole message in.
This supports you in becoming aware of the deeper meanings and different layers the articles convey.


Actually sowing seeds of love and hope, a series around the power and consciousness of the heart. 
– A journey towards connectedness from the heart, exploring the true power of the heart and its awareness in our everyday lives. The Article
– A message of hope, the miracle of hope is literally inside us, as we are the potential of making the impossible possible. Our heart is a powerful bridge builder to realize this. Link will follow
– Money flow in abundance, how can we rise above the tension around money or the lack of it many of us feel ? And empower ourselves towards a living in abundance, Link will follow
– Expending the awareness of the heart, reinforcement from the heart from being spirited and grounded, brings you towards deeper layers of – cosmic – connectedness. Link will follow

The Divine Feminine and the return of the Sacred Wisdom of Creation
A SERIES OF 5 ARTICLES on the empowerment of the feminine by an inner re-balancing process in order to harmonize aspects of divine co-creation, within yourself and collectively. Explained by the archetype of Lilith that shows us several keys to accomplish this.