To embrace that we are in fact beings of love, light and joy, can be better comprehended by heart than by mind. It is a journey of integrating several aspects of living in harmony and unity.
By connecting ourselves on a deeper and pure level and remembering our greatness and the potential we contribute to the whole, we lay the foundations for a harmonic world,
a new oneness.

To realize this, I invite you to experience a connection
with both yourself and the whole as deep and heartily as possible.
On this site you will find encouragement and empowerment for acting upon this.

The website transmits potential to rise above disharmony or duality and to experience more inner peace. It enables you to connect on various and deeper levels with this potential through 
articles storytelling
, meditations and gatherings.  

Want to know how others experience the energy and message I transmit?  Experiences

My name is Yael and my essence is Elohim. This means I am connected to the Universe from a clear awareness of harmony and unity. With my essence I remind you on this on deeper levels of awareness.

From my essence, I contribute greatly to our path towards a harmonic world and new oness. For I have a connecting role, a light bridge function, within the return of a pure experience of wholeness. This experience of harmony not only includes the earth and her inhabitants but also those who inhabit other worlds, universes and/or dimensions. In this way my essence contributes to a cosmic peace process, that is supported by the different Universal Councils there are. “